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We are Online Automotive Brokers in Florida, USA, that offer wholesale vehicles to the public and global shipping. Thousands of vehicles are added to our vehicle list daily and all vehicles have clean titles, passed professional inspection and are covered with a money-back guarantee. Our vehicles come from dealerships and private auctions across the State of Florida, a state with a reputation of excellent quality, rust-free vehicles. Our brokerage fee is only $799 for any vehicle and only pay if you buy


We make it easy to save! Here’s how…

  1. Choose Vehicle. Many customers test drive vehicles at local dealers to see what they want, then buy from us for the best price.

  2. Contact Representative. Talk with a representative that will gather your information and the vehicle you want.

  3. Agreement and Deposit. Sign a broker agreement allowing us to pursuit your vehicle and make a REFUNDABLE deposit of 10% the max vehicle price.

  4. Vehicle Delivery. We will buy the vehicle and deliver FAST shipping to your driveway.

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